College Exposure Showcase

The Dream Big College Exposure Showcase powered by Warrior Hockey is going to be the premier development event in the Greater Boston Area.  It will feature D1+D3 college coaches, the top on ice skills personalities, off-ice education about the junior/college process and an unparalleled experience for the participants.  The Exposure Showcase is open to high school, prep and junior aged players who have the passion to play hockey at the highest level.  Players will be required to register online.  After registering, every player will be vetted to make sure they are the right fit for the event. Upon confirmation, eligible players will receive an email with additional registration information.



  • 2000-2003 Birth years are eligible
  • On Ice Development
    • individual skills, speed testing, small area games & full ice games
    • (College Coaches are watching the entire development platform)
  • Off Ice Education
    • Guest Speakers
      • nutritionist, strength and conditioning, NHL Development Coach
    • College Coaches Seminars
      • Recruiting Process
      • Admissions Advice
    • Junior Hockey Track
      • Understanding your options
      • How to target the best fit
    • Meet and Greet
      • Junior + College Coaches
    • Cost
      • $425

College Exposure Showcase