“Our six year old son, Connor, loved his experience with Dream Big HockeyStars. Freddy was the perfect coach, teaching the kids the necessary fundamentals and skills of the game, while encouraging a love for the sport. We participated in both his semi-private lessons and his week-long camp, and the results were noticeable. It was a common occurrence for us to pick our son up after a full day of hockey camp and have him ask to play hockey in our driveway immediately upon returning home, a result only achieved by such a positive experience. In addition, my son is now more engaged in his practices and games. Last, Freddy is always promptly and professionally available to answer all the questions of a “hockey parent. We highly recommend his programs!”

– Erica W.

“Chris had a blast and can’t wait to do it again. Here’s a quote directly from him: ‘I learned more from Coach Freddy and his friends than I did in half a season of hockey.’”

– Amy

“My son could was a beginning skater and had never played hockey when we sent him to Freddy’s camp. He was so intimidated, but Freddy and his staff were great, and by the end of the week the improvement was amazing! He was skating with confidence and having a great time.”

– Wendy


“Freddy is the best!  We have been to several different programs and instructors but he is our favorite by far.  He really watches and instructs each child individually based on their need and works with them to improve on their weaknesses! We owe him so much!  Thank you Freddy!”

– Cindy


“Freddy has been a phenomenal and encouraging coach to our 6 year old twins. His hockey lessons are both fun and instructional. Not only do we see the progress in their skating, we see our kids smiling and laughing throughout their lessons. They also had a great experience at Freddy’s summer camp held at The Edge Sports Center. Freddy’s love of hockey is obvious. He’s been such a positive influence on our children and we could not be happier!”

– Bob T.

“My son started to take private lesson with Coach Freddy since this summer, and we took 7 lessons in total. I can clearly see the improvements, and my son feels the same way. Each lesson is organized very well, which covers skating, different kinds of turns, stick handling, puck dribbling and shooting. My son found the lessons very fun and he is proud of learning some secret tricks for shooting pucks. During his first travel team training, my son found that he could finish the drills very easily, and he could do a snap shot and get the pucks into the upper corner of the net. He was very excited and clearly gained a lot more confidence. We think Coach Freddy is great and we will definitely come back to take more lessons.”

– Jie

“We sent our 8-year-old son to work with Freddy. On the way home, our son asked: “Can I go again tomorrow?” He loved it. We loved it.”

– Tony M.

“Coach Freddy is a terrific coach! He has been working with our 5 and 8 year old boys. He gets them working hard and keeps it fun. They look forward to skating with him each week. He can clearly work with any age level and get the most out of them. Thank you Coach Freddy!!”

– David